‘Waterford’ – A Data Visualisation Project

This project is a data visualisation program based on rainfall data collected in Co. Waterford, Ireland between the dates of August 1st 1996 and December 31st 2018. The goal of this project is to represent the daily rainfall in Waterford in both an informative and aesthetically resonant way.   The concept for this project was … Continue reading ‘Waterford’ – A Data Visualisation Project


Mandala Star – An Algorithmic Animation

This project is an algorithmically-generated animation, created for the Visual Coding module in college, based on the concept of the lifecycle of a star and Mandala patterns. The goal was to represent the creation, development, apex and decline of a star, using the influence of Mandala patterns as a visual representation of energy. Previous Work … Continue reading Mandala Star – An Algorithmic Animation